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Ekoflora, cvetochnoe hozyajstvo
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Seedlings of coniferous plants

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Coniferous and evergreen plants. Available - thujas, junipers, yews, etc. Plants in containers, with the closed root sistemoy.bolea of 40 names Vel. +375-29-665-62-07 Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram/BiPMTS +375-33-365-62-07 life:) +375-25-934-11-51ICQ - SadRassad/713-172-152Twitter - @SadRassadSkype -...
Group: seedlings of coniferous trees
Ephedra (coniferous plants)
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The wide range, excellent quality, the closed root system. Available 35 grades and types: thujas, junipers (vertical and horizontal), yews, cypress, pines, firs, etc. Vel. +375-29-665-62-07 Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram/BiPMTS +375-33-365-62-07 life:) +375-25-934-11-51ICQ - SadRassad/713-172-152Twitter...
Group: Arborvitae seedlings


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